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Golfers' Testimonials

" I LOVE my Energy's by far the best shirt I have ever worn and I believe helps me feel and play my best

- Greg Bruckner PGA Champions Tour

"Technology is really in every piece of the golf game now, and I would say that technology in golf shirts is very limited. There hasn't been any true technology in golf shirts until now. It's the best golf shirt I have ever put on hands down, bar none. Energy, you can't beat it.

- Scott Lincicome (+2 hdcp)

"When I first heard about the Energy Athletic shirt, I greeted it with a bit of skepticism, absolutely. If someone tells you that a shirt is going to improve your golf game, it's kind of hard to believe that. But certainly, when you put this shirt on, it feels almost as if it's wet. It just feels cooler. It looks great and it feels great. If you look great and feel great, you play well.

- John Sadler (9 hdcp)

"I've been wearing Dry-Fit for about 6 years since college and this blows it out of the water. The technology definitely works. It's a great looking shirt and it feels great so I definitely won't be wearing any other shirts.

- Frank Alafoginis (scratch golfer)

"When I look in to the closet to pick a shirt out in the morning, I used to just close my eyes and you know, who cares, whatever matches the shorts and the pants. But now I'm thinking, this might actually give me an advantage on the course. When I put on the Energy Athletic shirt it just feels great, there's no restrictions to it. It's really the best shirt I've ever worn.

- Adam Gelb (14 hdcp)

"Playing with the Energy shirt feels great. I mean, it's real comfortable. It doesn't get in the way. There's something about it I really love. I think the Energy shirt is the best technology, the best shirt I have ever tried.

- David Amsellem (Long Drive Golfer)

"The first time I put the shirt on I was a little skeptical. It seemed like something strange that I didn't understand. But I put the shirt on and first of all it was very comfortable and it kind of felt cool. This Energy Athletic shirt is by far the most comfortable and best shirt I could use for playing golf."

- Chris Andrews (12 hdcp)

"I wear Energy because it's the best shirt I've ever worn. It makes me feel good. It gives me a euphoric feeling and it makes me be able to feel like I can just go all day"

- Paul Broughton (Unknown Handicap)